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The Benefits of eProcurement:

  • Reduced Procurement Costs
  • Achieve greater operational efficiency
  • Speed up Req-to-Check Cycle
  • Better Data Integrity
  • Provide a lower cost to procure indirect materials
  • Consolidated Billing
  • User-Friendly System to Purchase Indirect Materials
  • Performance Metrics and Comprehensive Reports
  • Ability to make Quicker, Better Decisions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if I need an eProcurement System?

Each company has its own unique supply chain issues. The best supply strategy will come from an intensive and continuous study of your particular situation, and by developing a long-term strategy that will maximize strengths while minimizing weaknesses.

How Soon Will I See The Savings From My Procurement System Investment?

Costs savings are generally not achieved overnight. It takes time to find waste and eliminate it. However, such cost savings are not a one-time occurrence, such as buying a commodity at a low price because of market conditions. The wasted cost that is eliminated in such efforts is eliminated forever, and companies benefit every following year from a reduced cost base.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Making the Investment?

  • Active support from top management
  • Deep understanding of cost drivers
  • Cooperative supplier relations
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Cross-functional approach
  • Appreciation of advanced communications technology
  • Investment in procurement/supply management

Our Methodology

  1. Assessment Phase - Determine the requirements for the procurement implementation. This would include determination the best path forward for procurement implementation (custom, package, managed procurement). High level business requirements.
  2. Preparation Phase - Final scope, hardware & software procurement and project plan. Detail business requirements, preliminary interface documentation.
  3. Blueprint Phase - Business process development, contract with suppliers and system design. Hardware & Software installation.
  4. Realization Phase - Development, configuration and testing
  5. Move To Production Phase - Final preparation for cutover.

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