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Maximize ROI Though MRO

In the Chinese language, the meaning of words is often represented by its’ opposite. For instance, buy-sell means ‘to do business with.’ What if you could buy-sell and save money at the same time. Perhaps you’re a business owner, or purchasing manager who’s job is to make sure that as you buy indirect materials such as office supplies, or construction supplies, you look for creative ways to save money. Sounds easy enough, right?

You simply pick through thousands of suppliers each time you need to buy your MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) materials and choose the best price. Is it true savings, if in the process, you used more man-hours, stocked more inventory than you need, and maybe you didn’t get the original replacement parts you were looking for? Ah, but you saved $1.50 per part!

There’s a better way.

Smart companies have discovered that by implementing an MRO strategic sourcing program, they can significantly reduce inventory costs, labor costs and produce long-term value. Axiom Consulting has the real-time software tools, and expertise to help you see real ROI on your indirect spend.

We Provide:

Indirect Consumables, MRO, expensed, product/non-product materials Reduced inventory costs
Repairs & services - on & off site Improved ROIC
Payment processes Year-over-year cost-outs
Warranty Management Focus on core competencies
Capital Equipment Platform for transistion and change
OEM Spare Parts Flexibility
Commercial Production Items "No Cost" technologies
Sharing and exchange of best practices  

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