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The Critical Success Factors to making the transition into outsourcing a successful one.
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Managing HR Through Business Process Outsourcing

We believe that the lifeblood of an organization is it's people. Many businesses try to stem the rising tide of costs by cutting back on employee programs, benefits and compensation, however, the reality is that your employees will only treat your customers as good as they themselves perceive they are being treated. For that reason, the concept of HR outsourcing is now one that many organizations are turning to as a way to improve the quality of care their people receive.

We offer organizations a full range of outsourced HR services including:

  •  Full HR Process Redesign
  •  HR Process Delivery
  •  Transaction Processing
  •  HR Transformation
  •  General HR Administration

Our flexible HRO solutions will enable you to provide expanded employee care without the added cost or burden of maintaining these programs. Our approach includes:


What Can Your Organization Accomplish By Outsourcing HR Processes?

Feedback from our clients tells us that organizations who outsource can achieve the following:

  •  Treating employees as "customers" rather than as employees
  •  The ability to provide expanded benefits and other employee programs
  •  Global consistency
  •  Improved strategic resource planning
  •  Improved HR decision making
  •  Access to new technology and expertise that convert back-office functions into state-of the art processes

Managing The Human Aspects of Change

Outsourcing can help executives make quicker better informed decisions, open up new sources of revenue, and free them of the day-to-day back office tasks to focus on core competencies. But how can outsourcing be a win-win situation for employees who's jobs and lives are now impacted?

As a seasoned outsourcing service provider we understand the risks as well as the benefits of implementing HRO into a company's existing corporate culture.

Critical Success Factors

  • Understand the specifics of your organization and what you hope to achieve with outsourcing.
  • Establish long term and short term strategic goals for outsourcing
  • The relationship with your service provider must be a partnership that takes into account the culture of your company.
  • Develop strategy with your service provider to communicate with your people. Their lives will be impacted during the initial stages of the outsourcing transformation.